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Budget or Premium Tyres At AVIT in Slough?

A common question we are asked in Slough is about the difference between a budget and a premium tyre. The answer comes down to the purpose for which the tyre is developed. A budget tyre will be developed with a strict budget and price point in mind. This will be reflected in the technologies present in their design and the quality of materials used.

In contrast to this a premium tyre will be developed with one thing in mind. Specifically, to make the best tyre possible. As such a premium tyre will be developed using far better materials and deploy cutting edge technology to create a better performing, longer-lived tyre.

When we consider that your tyres are the only thing that separates your car from the surface of the road, we do not consider there to be a substitute for a good quality high performing tyre. Whilst budget tyres meet the minimum legal requirements to be distributed and fitted in the UK, you really do get what you pay for - the minimum legal standard.

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20p tyre test - Tyres Slough

Tyre Maintenance

It is essential that you keep tyres on your vehicle that have the correct depth of tread. Driving with insufficient poses a serious danger to yourself, your passengers and other road users. As such it is a fineable offence that comes with points on the licence. This is avoidable with a simple test you can regularly conduct yourself using nothing but a 20p piece. We have provided the following diagram to illustrate this.

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